Easy day of flower arranging

Today it was raining all day so Anna decided we should have a day in doors and visiting friends.  So we put together some buckets of herbs for a skincare company who wanted to take them to an Organic festival and display them along with some of the companies brochures.

Flower Arranging
Flower Arranging

This afternoon we then went to visit a Smallholding in Devon that Anna WWOOF’ed at for a long time and we took some clotted cream and scones, mmmmm! … it was really interesting to meet the people who owned the Smallholding as they had lots of knowledge, and they had lots of really interesting books too in their library so me and Christina wrote aload of titles down so we can get them ourselves!

It was really kool to be able to see someone working the land with respect on the same kind of scale that we want to eventually.  I don’t think we’ll have anything as big as we just want it for ourselves and not to grow things to sell to others, but it was great to see something small enough to be able to imagine us owning something like it one day.


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