Harvesting Echinacea

Today we harvested Echinacea all day and also took some dividings from the main plants to make another bed of new plants.  It is quite interesting seeing how the whole process works of using a whole plant for something but saving some of it to grow another plant in its place.

For Echinacea we have to cut the main plant as low to the ground as possible, taking off any brown or dead parts of the plant, this goes through the cutter and sits in some buckets whilst we then dig up all the roots of the same plants we have just harvested and cut off the main roots and throw the stumps onto the weed pile.  The roots then get washed and then put through the cutter to and then added to the main flower cuttings and off to tinctures it all goes.

Oh, I missed of the dividing bit …. when we dig up the stumps of root we take care when taking off all the dirt so that we can see if the plant has started to grow any little plants and if so we try to take these off the main stump without damaging the roots, and then use these to transplant into a new bed.

It’s quite a lengthy process the whole Echinacea harvesting is, but it’s really nice to do as you get to see the whole of the plant from young to old to young again.

Cutting up the Echinacea Roots
Cutting up the Echinacea Roots
Washing Echinacea Root
Washing Echinacea Root
Chopped Echinacea Root
Chopped Echinacea Root

I decided to start eating a little more meat for dinner from today onwards, as I have lost alot of weight, which is not a bad thing as I now have a really low body fat level, but I feel like I have lost some muscle mass too as I have only been eating meat once or twice a week for the last few months.   I have got a nice lean muscly body now, but my muscles are not as big as I would like them to be, so I thought I would add some extra meat to my diet as I find it hard to eat extra protein from other sources.

I have also started reading some of Bruce Lees books again and I have got back into observing the human body and it’s shapes and sizes and I just like the shape of muscles really, on myself and other people too.  Plus I am enjoying doing a number of different exercises/stretches before and after work for the last few days, so I am putting together a daily routine of stretches etc and a 3 times weekly body weight workout I intend on doing.


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