Transplanting and I’ve got some Apple Picking Work!

Today we transplanted some Sheep Sorrel into an old bed that had Echinacea in as the Sheep Sorrel has started to creep across the path next to it from it’s own bed, so we thought it would make sense to allow it to do so and also put some lickle Sheep Sorrel plants into it and make it a double bed!

We also harvested some more Calendula flowers today, which are amazing really, as they just keep on flowering.  We take off the flower heads every 2-3 days, well, only if it is sunny otherwise there isn’t any flowers, and they just keep growing back time and again.

Got myself some Apple picking work starting next Monday!  One of the farms I rang got back to me straight away and they need someone pretty quickly so I start on Monday, wooo!  It’ll be good as I can earn a bit of money to top up our savings again.  It’s not piece rate just hourly pay, and minimum wage, but atleast it’s money and it’s an outdoors job, woooo! … I was getting a little down thinking about having to go back into an office job, but now, hopefully this will last a month or so and top up our savings enough to get us through until we know if we can manage here or not.

Anna has said that she is definately going to go, it just depends when really.  She has applied to do a course in Scotland and if she gets in she will be leaving around the end of October, but if she doesn’t get in she thinks her partner and her will leave and go upto Scotland anyway! … but that would mean a different date, so it could be later in the year or even next year.  So it’s not definate definate, but it’s pretty close!

We just hope that if Anna is going this year, that the company owner is happy for us to take over, heh!


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