Harvesting and some major news

Today we harvested St Johns Wort and also some Lemonbalm to be sent to a company via courier, then we made up the Echinacea and French Marigold beds that we harvested from last week.

Wasp on St Johns Wort
Wasp on St Johns Wort

The major news is that Anna may be leaving as she and her partner want to spend the winter together, and don’t think they could do it here, and also her wrist has not got better at all, so because of this she has rethought her plans for the rest of the year.  She’s going to really think about it some more over the next week or so, but that means we could have an opportunity to manager this place, which right now we would seriously consider.

We’ve come along way since we first got here, and have picked up alot of new skills and got to know the herb field quite well, so from the work side of things there is no hesitation from us to say we could do it, but from the knowledge of the herbs side of it we are not so sure.  I’m sure we could work from any advice/instructions Anna could leave for us, as she did from the previous manager before her, but I’m still a bit anxious about not knowing enough about the herbs.

Anyway, thats that for now, we’ll see what she says in the next few weeks.  But we have talked amongst ourselves about it and more than likely I would take over the managers role and did would volunteer for free 2-3 days a week, whilst working at a part-time job for the other 2-3days.  We would do it this way because she would really like to get into soap making so working part-time would bring in a little bit of money she would need for the ingredients etc, and also still be able to help out in the field a little when needed.

Anyway, like I said, we’re not going to think about it any more incase things don’t turn out for Anna and she stays on.

I have rang and left messages at a couple of fruit farms to see if they need any workers.  I had a look on the net and found a few local farms, so thought I would ring them and see what happens!


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