Days out and weeding Bindweed again!

Went to visit my mum way up North on Sunday and Monday, it took us nearly 6.5 hours of driving to get to hers, and the same coming back.  It was worth it though as I haven’t seen or spoken to her for about 2-3 years, for my own reasons, but she seemed OK with it and was really glad to see me.

It was nice to see her away from her idiot of a husband (soon to be ex) and enjoying being herself for a change, she lives 30 seconds from the beach so hopefully she’ll get a little fitter with all the walking she can do!

We didn’t get back until gone 11pm last night so we started late this morning, well not until after lunch, heh!  Then we just weeded some more Bindweed to go on the next fire heap!


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