Weeding and getting soaked!

Today we weeded the White Sage anf Rosemary patches, then we mulched the paths between them all and also weeded the Lavender and Thyme patches too.

It poured down around 3:30pm but we contiued to weed as we needed to get it done, by the time we had finished we were all really soaked, well, not really, but enough, the waterproofs do work, but only so much, heh!

Me and Christina have been talking about applying for some jobs on cruiseships.  We have thought about it before, about 3-4 years ago I think, just about when we got back from New Zealand.  We could do it when we leave here, and do it for about 12 months have hopefully save up a decent amount of money.  We’ve still got all the info and contacts from a few years back so I have emailed loads of the cruiseship job agencies to see if they have anything suitable for us.

Another WWOOF’er has joined us now, her name is Tonje and she is from Norway I think, she is currently living in Devon though with her partner.


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