Die Bindweed die!

This weekend went by really slowly which was great, as we both chose to stay in the van and just read books, surf the net and not do much else, it was great!

Today we weeded loads of Bindweed and then decided to burn it all as it takes so long to die, the fire we had was really smokey, thick white smoke it was, and we had to bung aload of sticks on too as the Bindweed obviously wouldn’t burn on it’s own.

Then we all rushed round trying to do a full Calendula harvest before it rained, but we only managed to pick half of what we have before it poured down!

Calendula Drying Off
Calendula Drying Off
Close up of Calendula
Close up of Calendula

2 thoughts on “Die Bindweed die!

  1. luk 09/09/2008 / 4:25 pm

    why did bendweed die

  2. Silver Satori 09/09/2008 / 6:51 pm


    We don’t like Bindweed in the herb field as it strangles little herbs and doesn’t help them grow, also if we left it to grow it would end up round all the herbs and we wouldn’t be able to harvest any of them!

    Bindweed does have it’s uses though, it has a purgative effect, meaning if you want to rid your body of anything, go it some bindweed soup of something, but not too much mind, otherwise you might find yourself visiting the loo once too often!


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