More bed making and some weeding

Today we weeded 2 Vervain beds this morning and then covered the soil around the plants with mill waste from the warehouse to stop the weeds coming back, then this afternoon with made up another new bed and sowed some Echinacea and Vervain seeds into it.  It was raining on and off all day again!

We spoke to Anna about staying on over the winter and also about one of us getting a part-time job in the next month so we won’t be here as much, and she said it was a good idea and that we shouldn’t feel that we have to stay at the herb field if we needed the money, which is nice, but we want to stay working at the herb field as much as possible so as to gain as much knowledge as we can!

Me and Christina decided that I will be the one to get a part-time job as it means that she can atleast continue doing the tinctures, which would look favourably on us when we speak to the owner about staying on over winter!  There is still not news when the lady in tinctures will be back, she is recovering well apparently but is still way of making a decision when she could come back, which is kind of expected really seeing as though she nearly broke her neck!!

Anyway, it’s good to know that Anna is happy enough/likes us enough to want us to stay here over the winter, you never know if someone really likes you I suppose, but this kind of says she does really I think, heh! …. I just hope I can get a decent part time job and not some boring office job!


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