Another hot day

Today we were harvesting Wood Betony all day and it was really really hot, and I was feeling lethargic all day for some reason, I was so glad when today finished!

The new PC arrived today and the tower section is alot bigger than I thought, I didn’t realise it was housed in a server casing, heh!  Ohwell it’s a decent poota so it will do for a few years atleast, and then should be easy enough for me to upgrade bits myself!

Anna came back from her holiday today and she mentioned that she does want to stay on for another season after this one, which is quite funny, as she’s changed her mind a few times since we’ve been here, but we’re not 100% that we would want to manage this place anyway still as we’re not sure about a few things, I suppose our minds might change if Anna was to say that she was definately only staying for this season, but I don’t know, we’ll see what happens … apparently the manager has usually been someone who has WWOOF’ed here, which is quite kool.


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