Working my own

Today Christina and Charlie began painting the signs for the herbs whilst I started on the long list of paths that need weeding ready for next week.  I think I will be doing most of the paths whilst they try and get as many of the signs done, which won’t actually be going outside for the visit but they will still be on show so that everyone can see what our plans are.

Me and Christina talked again tonight about what we could do after we finish here after Anna made a comment of us possibly staying in the van over the winter period, paying a little rent maybe to the owner and then being able to work full time somewhere to save some money for the next place we go to.

We’re thinking that it would be better to get an office job in Taunton or Wellington if possible, simply because thats where we have both got the most skills, and although I would prefer an outdoor job, I agree that an office job would atleast pay more and be more consistent in that it is not weather dependant!


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