Visiting Cornwall again

Me and Christina went away on Friday night and Saturday which was nice, we went to Cornwall to visit friends and stay over night again in the car, this time in a forest, which was really kool.

We mainly went away to get away from the herb field as the owner was having a solistice party on Saturday night and we didn’t want to be around the the loud music etc, we got back late on Saturday night, but missed most of the part which was good.

Sunday we relaxed all day in the van.  The laptop had the powerpack blow on it, and I think there is a fault with the laptop and not the powerpack now.  Ordered another one to see if it is the laptop or the powerpack, I hope it is just the powerpack and not the laptop, as we can’t really afford another one for a while.

Becky left on Friday night so it is just me and Christina WWOOF’ing now, which will be a little weird for a while, but apparently there might be a WWOOF’er coming next weekend for a few weeks.


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