Lots of Harvesting

I watered again first thing this morning, then I helped everyone else harvest some Black Horhound, then after morning break we harvested Lemonbalm, which was really difficult at first because the tools we had we’re not sharp enough until we realised this and then sharpened them, heh!

Then this afternoon we had to trim the ends off of some of the Lemonbalm as we had cut them too long, doh!

We then had to box all the herbs up for the companies we were sending them to, then me and Christina cut another 10kg of Lemonbalm for the tincture department as they had had a spillage!  This had to be tinctured by Dena as we don’t know if the company is getting anyone else in part time to replace the lady who has hurt herself, but by the looks of things Dena will be the one doing all the tincturing probably!

We tidied everything up from the harvesting and then finished a little early as we finished late yesterday.


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