Mowing and Drying

This morning we emptied the dryer of the Sheep Sorrel and gave it over to the warehouse.  We then weeded a Valerian bed and I then mowed for the rest of the day.

The mowing took so long, not because there is alot of grass to mow, because there is, but becase a big bit of wood got stuck inbetween the mower blade and the side, and it took me about an hour to get it out.  I had to chip away at it with a chisel bit by bit until it broke away.  Normally you have to go over the grass areas looking for anything like this and if you find anything to throw it into the ditches, but I must have missed it!

Mike Mowing - Dont I look grrreat! ;o)
Mike Mowing - Don't I look grrreat! ;o)

We received a couple of seasonal food books we ordered a few days ago, which are great as we can see what should be in season in the UK each month.

I’m going to try my hand at carving a spoon from a piece of wood over the next few days.  Christina got me a wood carving set at Christmas gone, but I’ve never got round to using it yet, so I thought as I’ve plenty of free time in the evenings now that we’re not watching TV really, and I’ve not got a poota to play that I should fill my time with some more constructive things …. anyway, I’ll give it a go and see what happens, heh!


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