Weeding on a hot day, noooo

Today we did loads of weeding aaaall day! … around the Elder trees then some of the herb beds that were getting quite infested with weeds, it was rewarding again though to see it all finished, and the day went really quick for some reason.

Me and Christina had a chance to talk quite abit about what we’re going to do after being here for the season, which looks like it will be around the end of October time.  And we’re thinking of getting a small caravan on living on a campsite over the winter whilst working fulltime and saving some money to go to the next WWOOF’ing place in Feb/March next year.

We’ve also talked about the possibility of managing this place ourselves, as Anna has mentioned that she’s not sure if she would want to stay on for another season or not, and I think that it would be a fantastic opportunity to learn loads of things about herbs etc, but we’re not sure yet as we’re not sure if we want to stay in one place for that long at the moment, anyway, something for us to think about!

Oh yeah, the weed pile we are creating is getting massive now!! … the herb field keeps a pile of most of the weeds we take out, then when it is big enough we make a compost pile out of it all, cover it for a few months and it turns into great compost for the herb beds … this is a picture of the weed pile so far…

Massive Weed Pile
Massive Weed Pile

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