Hot = lots of sweat!

First thing this morning I had to go to the hardware shop in Wellington and get a new power lead for the dryer as the old one had got burnt out for some reason, must have been a power surge or something, anyway, the plug to the dryer lead had melted to the extension lead!

I got back fitted a new plug to the dryer and off it went, working fine again.

We all harvested some Elder Flowers again as they are in full bloom now, they look brilliant and smell great … these were for tinctures again.

Later today we also harvested some more White Sage, but this time it was for 2 companys who wanted some fresh – we send the boxes of herbs out on an overnight courier and they get to the companies in the morning so they can tincture them in the afternoon!

This afternoon we dug over some compost onto 2 beds ready for the French Marigolds to go into, it was quite hard work as it was so hot, I was sweating bucket loads, as I think everyone else was, but it was really enjoyable though seeing the whole bed finished.


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