Summy is here!

Today it definately felt like summer was here, it was baking hot all day, GREAT!

First thing this morning we weeded an empty bed which was going to be used for the French Marigold seedlings, then we harvested some White Sage for the rest of the morning which went into tinctures.

This afternoon we harvested Artichoke Leaf again for tinctures, then I watered for the remainder of the afternoon, which was really nice to do on a hot day, I kept spraying myself!

Been trying to eat more fruit and veg that is in season, and is also only from the UK, so no bananas, oranges etc, which is quite hard sometimes during the hot sunny days as I am so used to eating summery fruits.  But it’s only taken a little conscious thinking of what is actually in season in the area and to stick to eating that … which means I’ve been eating alot of berries, espiecially Strawberries, mmmm!

I’ve stopped putting on the Urine compress as the Hogwort splatters seem to have healed up, well not healed up, but no blistering or signs of it.  The splats look like old scars, the skin is really pink compared to the rest of my arms!


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