Another weekend, wooo no work!

Another weekend has arrived and flown by.  I hate it when you have days off and don’t really do alot, but they just fly by … sometimes it doesn’t feel like I have had a chance to relax!

We went to Wellington again, got some food bits, really enjoying the meat we are buying from the local butcher, and we even had a nice burger from the local chip shop, which use local meat too.  Christina got some sewing bits.

Becky came with us to Wellington again, which I didn’t want, but Christina thought it would be ok.  Which it is really, it’s just that I like to really enjoy the walk around the town, looking at the people and the shops, and enjoying the time out, but Becky seems to like zooming from shop to shop, anyway, just a little moan from me, heopfully she won’t come again next week, heh!

Today (Sunday) we decided to go to Axmouth and Seaton, just to check out what the beaches were like … well they were nothing of a muchness, no sand, boooo, ohwell, atleast we had cheesie chips … yup chips on a hot sunny day, heh!

Axmouth Pebble Beach
Axmouth Pebble Beach

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