Using Urine in a Compress

I watered again this morning, seeing as though no-one else volunteered to do so, seems like everyone else doesn’t like doing it, so I thought bugger it I’ll do it, it’s a nice relaxing way to start the day!

After this me, Anna and a boy called Charlie who volunteers on Wednesdays during the Summer harvested Elder Flowers, which really smelt great when we were picking them!

Then once this was finished me and Charlie weeded and mulched with wood chip 2 paths each, which made my back ache a little …. my body still hasn’t got used to all this work yet, heh!

Whilst weeding a few days ago I didn’t notice getting splattered by some Hogwort, which one morning had come up in little blisters, so during lunch and the evenings I have been putting a Urine compress on them to reduce the blistering and aid the healing.  It seems to have worked quite well, as all the blistering has disappeared and they are healing quite well … well compared to Anna’s anyway, as she got splattered by some and hers are still in blisters, which I don’t think she has put anything on as yet, anyway can’t really make a comparison to someone else, but mine seem to be doing well anyway.


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