Watering and Weeding never ends

First thing this morning we replants some small Dock plants from the main beds into a spare bed, as there was lots of them, so we thought rather than lost the smaller one’s it’ll be good to transplant them.

I then watered the Wild Lettuce seedlings and also the Dock transplants to make sure they got a good drink as it was quite hot today, and also the French Marigolds in the polytunnel as they are drying out quite quickly as it is getting really hot in there, oh and also some Lavender cuttings that we did first thing this morning too, as we are going to try and create some more plants from the main one’s as apparently we need more Lavender according to Anna!

The rest of the day we weeded again, which although I am used to now it still does me head in a little due to the amount there is to do, but hey, it’s gotta be done this way if you want to stay organic!!


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