A present for the Herb Field

Today I used the new hose I brought for the Herb Field.  It’s a 50m wind up hose, the idea being that it won’t get as tangled as the Herb Fields one, well thats the idea anyway!

It went better than I thought actually, but I still had a couple of tangles as I had to unwind the whole 50 metres of the hose to water everything, but the main thing was the difference in pressure of the water coming out of the hose.

With the old hose pipe it had to have a number of connectors to connect together 2-3 different hose pipes to reach down the field, but with this new one I can connect 1 hose pipe to the main tape and then connect it to the new 50 metre hose I brought and thats it … the pressure is so much better this way.  It still took me about 2-3 hours to water all the seed beds, but it felt easier to do as I had to unwind far less tangles with the new hose.

Whilst I was watering Anna and Becky were harvesting some Comfrey and Christina was strimming some overgrown grassy areas!

When I had finished watering I put the Comfrey that Anna and Becky had harvested through the cutting machine ready to be put into the Dryer. I have worked out the machine must be about 80 years old … I think so anyway!

Herbs after being cut!
Herbs after being cut!

The French Marigolds we seeded up in May are about 2 inches high now, which is great, some of the trays have only a few germenating seeds, but it lookds like most are doing ok.

Me and Christina have worked out how much money we need whilst here, just to live basically until the last few months before we leave, and we reckon we’ll only need about 150 of our own money to cover the car insurance and mobile internet bills ontop of everything else, so hopefully that means the small amount of money we brought with us should last until near the end of the season.

We’re going to look at getting part time jobs sometime in September I think, maybe for 1 or 2 days during the week or maybe a weekend job, we don’t know yet.  But it’s good to know that we have a limited amount of outgoings and that we don’t need to think about money for a few months!


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