Knackering work this volunteering

Missed yesterdays entry into the diary as I was too knackered to write last night!

Although we are officially volunteering at this place, it does at times feel like a fulltime job, and although we get the accommodation free aswell as the electric and gas, plus we get a little money for food, it still feels like a job some days.

I’m aware that we are learning alot of new skills, and also learning about herbs that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to, but sometimes I think that perhaps the daily hours could be reduced.  At the moment we work 8:30am to 4:30pm Mon-Fri, which is fine normally, but if you are working really hard day in day out like we have been, it gets really tiring.

Personally I would have 2 people here fulltime managing the place, plus then only 2 volunteers, and the hours would be something like 9am to 3:30pm Mon-Fri, just because it’s volunteering and not a fulltime job.

Imagine if the manager of the place gets injured or sick, there isn’t anyone with the knowledge to show us volunteers what to do, no-one in the main offices knows what to do.  I’m sure the owner could come out every now and then to show us what to do, but he is really busy most days, off around the world forging new relationships with various herb growers etc.

Anyway, enough of that.

Today we weeded again, which we did all day, seems like it’s peak weed growing season and they are really shooting up every where, as soon as you pull them out, it seems like new one’s are growing back in the same place within days, heh!

I’ve started reading alot about Urine therapy the last few days, I’ve had a number of books on it for a while, but never got round to reading them.

Something I am experimenting with is using Urine to get rid of stings from insects or Nettles etc … and it works!! … I’ve been stung on numerous occassions over the last few days and I’ve gone back to the van and pee’d on the sting, or pee’d into a cup and poured it over the sting, and within a few minutes if not instantly sometimes, the sting has gone!! …. miraculous stuff Urine is!

I’ve tested it by not using any Urine on the stings, and they’ve still be stinging after a few hours sometimes, but when I have been puting Urine over the sting there is no indication of any stinging sensation after 20 minutes at the most!

Just reading up on the internal aspects of taking Urine now aswell, seems like it used to be used quite regularly back in the day … before ‘they’ decided they couldn’t make any money out of it!


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