Bank Holiday Weekend!

It’s been Bank Holiday weekend the last few days, which has been great, a nice few days off!

Anna and Becky went away for the 3 days, which left me and Christina here on our own, which was really nice, espiecially as no-one from the main company was here either, so we had the whole place to ourselves!

It really started feeling like somewhere we could live for a decent amount of time, it’s so peaceful here and the herb field just makes it that extra special.

I decided to put an mains connected aerial uo on the roof of the caravan so we could get a better picture on the TV, not that we will watch it that much, but when there is some footy on the TV I want to be able to watch it properly!

Managed to sort out a few minor things on the Caravan like a squeeky front door and a few slanting cupboard doors, plus a few other minor things, plus I put together a recipe for a natural carpet deodorisor, which was needed as the carpet in the van was a little smelly.

A nice relaxing few days…


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