Harvesting Cleavers and Comfrey

Today we harvested Cleavers which is really quite sticky and tends to cling to everything and anything, which made it quite interesting.  It has a another name which some people know it by, which is … Sticky Willy! … which I found quite hilarious when I first heard it … I can imagine where the first part of that name came from, but the second part?!? … it was all for the tinctures department.

After this we also harvested some Comfrey today which was for the home-made drier in the polytunnel, which is a really cool device thought up by the owner of the company, and then put together by a friend of his, it seems to do the job, but rather inconsistently apparently, but we’ll see how it goes!

Drier in the Polytunnel
Drier in the Polytunnel

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