Water Seed Beds

Today I volunteered to water the Herb Fields seed beds, but by the end of it I really wish I hadn’t, as it took me nearly 3 hours!!

In total there were 7 seed beds that needed watering, and each bed had fleece covering it, so I had to take this off of each bed first then walk slowly up each bed watering the seedlings, whilst occassionally walking back down the bed to untangle the hose pipe which was over 40 metres long, and then once finished cover each bed back up with the fleece!

Anyway, it was interesting, but relaxing at the same time!

Christina was harvesting Sheep Sorrel whilst I was watering, with Anna and Becky.

Once I had finished watering me and Christina weeded some more St Johns Wort beds until lunch time and then all afternoon we weeded the culinary herbs at the top of the field which consisted of Rosemary and Lavender which all smelt great!!


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