First Weekend has been and gone

First weekend here, and man has this week gone quickly!

We decided to drive down to the storage container on Saturday (yesterday) to get some stuff that we are going to sell on eBay, as we realised we don’t really need it so we might as well get some money whilst we can.

On the way back we drove into Taunton to take a look around the place, loads of shops selling tat and loads of people buying tat too …. not for us, so we left after about an hour I think it was!

Then we drove to Wellington which is our local town (about 5 miles from the Herb Field) .. and it was quite nice really, quite a few shops selling local produce which was nice, and also a health food shop, which is really cool, which means we can get some Organic stuff from there instead of the local supermarket!

Today we just tidied up the outside of the caravan as it had got a little untidy from the previous WWOOF’ers, which I can’t blame them for really, but as we’re going to be here for the full season (5-6 months) it makes sense to tidy things up a bit!

Our Caravan
Our Caravan

Then spent rest of today relaxing and reading, nice!


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