Awake early, raining again.

I woke up just before 7am today, unlike the last few days where I have been waking up around 6am, maybe my body is getting used to the house and work routine now?

It was raining again today, and we weeded the Red Sage beds and also the St Johns Wort beds and paths too, which me and Christina did by ourselves.  Which was nice as we could go at a decent pace, as we both like to work faster than some people, it just means we get more done! …. Becky the other volunteer seems to prefer working slow when it comes to weeding, which is fine I suppose, but I think that if there is work to be done, volunteering or not, you should get it done it a decent time as there is always more stuff to be getting on with!!

This afternoon we weeded the Spiral Garden which is full of culinary herbs which the staff of the company can use aswell as us volunteers, which was nice as I recognised some of the herbs.

I decided to try and learn the guitar again, after my stint in New Zealand, so I got out the book I have and had a few goes on the guitar in the caravan, I seem to be reasonbly good at playing the James Bond theme tune, which is completely random, but I think I learned it in NZ as one of my first tunes, but anyway, we’ll see if it lasts!


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