My first full day!

So, today was my first full day of work in the Herb Field … and I’m knackered!!

My back aches alot as I’ve been bent over alot today weeding with a hoe.

Me, Christina and Anna harvested Hawthorn flowers this morning, and the tree was really spikey and I have scratches all over my legs and arms, as I was stupidly wearing shorts and a t-shirt doing the harvesting, as it was really hot again today.  It took a couple of hours in total to harvest all the Hawthorn in the field, which we then boxed up and sent to a company in Wales, who will use it for tincture making I believe.  I think we harvested 14kgs of hawthorn in total.

We could only put 2kgs into each box so as to make sure the plant didn’t get squashed in transit to the buyers.

This afternoon I weeded again, and it was quite satisfying to see the cleared bed once I had finished, not as knackered today as I was yesterday.

It’s forcast to rain tomorrow, boooo! ….. I think I will be focusing on the weather alot whilst here as it’s obviously so weather dependant.


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