Left something important behind

Got up at 7am this morning, as we realised we had left something really important in storage … our food!

We had put together a larder type cupboard in the cottage in Cornwall, and we always made sure we had about 2 months worth of food in there, but for some reason we left most of it in the container in storage, heh!

So off I went early this morning to collect it all, and got back to the Herb field about lunch time, it wasn’t has hot as yesterdaym but because I forgot to take some water with me, I had a massive headache when I got back!

Christina was harvesting some Nettles with Anna the Herb Field manageress and Becky, another WWOOF’er and since I had been gone they had harvested over 50 kilos between them all!

I decided to unpack all the stuff I had brought back with me, rather than go straight out harvesting, lazy perhaps but I wanted to get things organised before throwing myself into working!

By the time I had finished it was early afternoon, so I decided to go and join them, but they had finished harvesting the Nettles and was just doing some weeding, well, I say just, there is ALOT of weeding to do here, seeing as though it is about an acre or so of Herb Field!

Can’t say that I can remember the names of the weeds we were taking out, but I’m sure that will come with time and repetition!

Christina has gone to bed already tonight (9pm) as she is really tired from harvesting, I’m currently sat here writing this looking out over the Herb Field, and listening to the birds singing, man this place is amazing!

Sid seems to have settled in really well, picked himself a place he likes to sleep, and he’s even been outside to do his business and come straight back in within a few minutes, which was great as I was a little worried about him running off and getting eating by a Badger or Fox, no such worries though.


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