1st day of the rest of my life

So, today I decided to leave Cornwall after 2.5 years, having settled in a nice country cottage, working myself into an ongoing job that looked promising for a number of years … to go volunteering!

Finished packing the car in Cornwall this morning, collected the house deposit from the landlord, which all felt great but scary at the same time, leaving somewhere where I was settled ‘ish’ to explore the unknown!

It was amazingly hot on the way here, we had to stop off at the storage container to dump so of the belongings we didn’t think we would need.

Sid our cat had decided to make himself at home in the footwell behind the passenger seat, which was good as I was a little worried about leaving him out of his cat basket and him wondering around the care, but I didn’t want to leave him in the basket as it was so hot!

It didn’t take us long to get here, and here being The Herb Field at The Organic Herb Trading Co, in Milverton, Somerset.  I think the total journey not counting the storage stop took about 2 hours at the most.

As soon as we started unloading our things into the caravan it felt so peaceful here, and also felt like a hone already, without us even being here for longer than a few minutes.  It definately helps that it is in such a quiet place I think!

Once we had unloaded the car, we began unpacking stuff and putting things into place in the caravan, we didn’t want to leave it at all, so we just got stuck in and started finding places/homes for everything.

By the end of it all, we were both mentally and physically knackered!  Sid had made himself at home well enough by curling up on a blanket we laid out for him on the bed.  He sniffed around for a little while but then ate a little food and went to sleep within an hour or so.

It was really nice once we had finished unpacking everything as we sat down on the chair and looked out onto the herb field, really beautiful and peaceful!

It feels great to be here, finally working to get some landbased skills at last!!


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