Left the office job, off to do some volunteering!

Decided to put this post in today (30th Nov 2009) as I realised that when I put this blog up in May 2008 I didn’t start it off the way I should have, although thinking about it, this is really only an online diary of my strange mind so it is kind of ok, oh well fuck it, I’m going to write something anyway, massage my ego if you will…

After working in various jobs in Oxford until about 5 years ago, I decided to move away from the city and move to the country instead.  I wanted to get an outdoor job and not be stuck in an office or warehouse all day, I didn’t care about working in the rain or cold, I just wanted to be outside all day.

So I moved to Cornwall with my partner, but after various goings on and after 2-3 years of being in Cornwall going backwards (Cornwall can do that to you!) I found myself in an office job wishing that I could be outdoors … and so I decide to sell everything that I didn’t need and stored the rest of it and went off volunteering.

I decided on volunteering as it was the best way I could see of getting some experience of working outdoors whilst having no pressure of day-to-day life on me.

And so that led me onto the volunteer work that I write about in the next 6-7 months worth of blog posts.


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