Managing a hostel!

It’s late right now, around midnight I think, sat here in our room listening to some chilling music whilst Dena is watching a movie I think, been a manic few days or so as we’ve been managing the hostel!

We’ve had lots of people through the hostel doors, which could be good or bad, good in that it brings in money for the hostel, but maybe bad in that they’ve not been staying long which could be down to our management skills, or lack of them, haha!

It’s been surprising how much time and energy it has taken to get all the things done around the hostel, although there has still been plenty of time to do our own things, it’s just meant that we’ve been interrupted during relaxing or something, but thats part of the job I suppose!

My driving is coming along nicely, not had any near misses or seen any police cars, so it’s all good! … it’s been quite nice having the car as I have used it to go to the other side of town a few times, nice driving on my own!


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