No work, no money, but I’m a backpacker so it’s kool!

Today is Sunday and a nice relaxing day it’s been too.

Woke up early and the weather was nice, so I got up, grabbed one of the hostels bikes, and went for a ride along the beach, missed the sun rise by an hour I think, but it was still wicked, no-one about bar a few nutters running or walking their dogs!

We’ve registered ourselves with a few pack-houses, and we’re just waiting for them to get back to us now.  It’ll be long hours 8am-8pm, packing Kiwi’s all day, but it’s a job, and pays well enough so it’s worth doing!

Not a lot else to write about at the moment, no work during the day so just wondering around the beaches and town checking things out, taking in the NZ’ers and their strange ways, haha … all good!


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