We have brought a car!

A few weeks have gone by, and we’ve brought a car, wooo!

Our NZ car - Optimus Prime!
Our NZ car - Optimus Prime!

Saw an ad in the paper, thought it was good value for money, and the person selling it was close by, so gave the person a ring and asked to come and see it, got the money from our savings and went to see it, 30 minutes later I was driving off with the car, and not full license either, hahaha!

Not that I can’t drive, because I can, I just failed my test a few weeks before coming out here, over a stupid point too, anyway, I know I can drive and that I am careful driver so I am going for it.  I’ve got the NZ learners license just so that I can get insurance on the car, couldn’t be driving without it, just in case something happens!

Been driving myself and Dena and a couple of other backpackers to and from work for the last few days, getting well into the driving now, and into the few quirky things about kiwi drivers, heh!

As of right now we don’t have any money saved up and only about a weeks worth of food left .. buying the car has cleaned us out, but it’ll be worth it as it means we can get work further away from the hostel and potentially get the night work at the pack-house now too.


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