Tomatoes in a hot house!

We’ve been working a in hot house (hot green house!) picking Tomatoes for the last week or so, and man has it been hot (obviously!) 35c + and no air!

We had a storm the other day and it was so windy it started to shatter some of the glass in the green house, which made the picking a tad dangerous, but we still picked away, needed the money, haha!

Back to Kiwi pruning tomorrow anyway, and we’re hoping that we will be able to pick Kiwi’s with this contractor too, sometime in April I think it will be, can’t wait.

We’ve been thinking about getting evening jobs in the Kiwi pack-house, but we can’t get over to the other side of Tauranga at night time, so we might not be able to do the work!

I’ve thought about getting a learners driving license and buying a car, mainly so that we can get to work ourselves without relying on someone else, but also so that we can do a bit of sight seeing on our own too.  It’ll be illegal if I drive without a full driver in the car too, but hey I don’t care, I’m only a backpacker!

It would mean that we could potentially get to the night work at the pack-house though, so it’s something I am seriously considering!


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