We’re off to Tauranga again

We only worked for 3 hours this morning as there was a few more people who came to work this morning that the boss had picked up from somewhere, and we finished the orchard sooner than most of us thought, which was a bummer as we didn’t earn that much today, but never mind, it was a nice day anyway!

The good thing is that there is another orchard we can move onto within a day, but even with that in mind we’re off once it is finished as thats it for 2 weeks!!

The bummer is that we wanted to work 6 days a week, but because some of the local people are lazy buggers and part to much on the Friday nights they don’t work Saturdays which means there isn’t enough people to warrant the boss driving up here to pick up us 5 or 6 backpackers … lazy fuckers … and they don’t really earn that much during the week so they could do with the money I reckon, anyway, we’re off soon so it doesn’t matter.

We’ve got our bus ticket booked for Sunday back to Auckland, although we might leave Saturday as we could get a lift into the local town from someone we made friends with in the shop … got talking to them about some things and we mentioned we we’re heading into town next weekend and they offer us a lift, bonus!

We’ve decided to get rid of our tent to 2 English girls as we don’t want to us it anymore, as most of the backpackers we’ve stayed in have been only a little dearer than a tent, so it’s worth paying it for a room!

Anyway, as we had a half day to day, we decided to borrow the campsites kayaks and took them to the local harbour and go around the bay.  Dena was a bit scared as she has never done it before, although I hadn’t either but was really excited about it!

Once we had been rowing around for a bit she was much more happier, in that she knew how much she could control the kayak and felt more safer in it!

We cruised down the bay for what seemed like only a little time, but when we stopped on a tiny little beach we found it was gone 3 hours since we had left the harbour!

It was so peaceful and quiet kayaking along the bay and the sea was amazing and calm, except for when a boat went past in the middle of the bay and we could see the waves coming towards us and not being able to turn the kayak around to face them quick enough before they hit us … we had a few hairy moments thinking we would topple over, haha!

Right, one more day of thinning tomorrow and then we off to Auckland, and we’re going to give our CV’s to a couple of job agencies to see if they think we’d be able to do any office work … just to see if we can get a few weeks work as it’s really good money!

We also need to get a mobile as I lost our one somewhere in the orchard the other day!! and also some office cloths as the one’s we both brought with us don’t fit anymore we’ve lost that much weight in 4 months of doing this kind of work, haha!!

Ready to go Kayaking!
Ready to go Kayaking!
Kool View!
Kool View!

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