Hot hot hot thinning Mandarins

Woowee, it’s been baking the last few days, we both must be losing weight by the bucket load!

We have had our best day money earning today, and it’s been a gradual increase since day one of being on piece rate, which is really kool as it shows that we are doing it right, and getting better each day, and we’re not as tired as the first day, so it seems all good!!

I managed to thin 60 trees today and Dena did 51, which is quite a lot of trees!

But the bummer is that we’ve been told that the orchard we are thinning is the only one we can thin for the next week as the others don’t need doing yet .. which we’re a bit peeved with as it could mean up to 2 weeks with no work, so we’re seriously thinking of going back to Tauranga if it turns out this way, as there really isn’t any other work around up here!

We’re not dwelling on it, we’re just making the most of what we can earn, and if we have to move on then never mind, we’ve met some really kool people here, and the place is amazingly beautiful and we feel grateful for being able to come here!


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