First day on piece rate Mandarin thinning

We are both really happy with our first day on piece rate thinning Mandarins.

Once we got past the first few hours we managed to keep a decent pace going, and ignore the sun and the sweat pouring off our heads and just get on with it.

If we keep todays pace up and take into account we should get faster as the days go by, we should be on a really good daily wage, which helps massively when doing this kind of work as we’re quite isolated, which we like anyway, but doing the same thing for 9 hours a day, day in day out is made much better when you know you are getting good money for it, heh!

Still, for the amount of work we have to put in, if we were kiwi pruning we would be earning more, so it’s not all good.  But then we’re not doing all jobs just for the money.  As long as we earn a decent amount each day, it all goes down as good experience … and thats what we came to NZ for!

I could definitely see me doing this kind of work for a living, and not even in a hot country, I’d be happy to work in Horticulture doing anything back home … so we’ll see what happens when we do get back home!


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