First day Mandarin Thinning

Wowzers what a day.  Got up at 6am, the camp site was sooo quiet, it was great!

The bus to work came at 8am and we were told we’d be on hourly rate for the first day, so we could  get used to it, and then we’d be on the piece rate from tomorrow, which suited us as we’ve never done Mandarin thinning before!

Anyway, we have to stand next to little trees, no bigger/higher than a person, and walk around the tree taking out any Mandarins that were too close to each other, so as to emable the remaining Mandarins grow bigger.

That was easy enough, but in the full blazing sun, with no shade at all, not even on breaks, it was very tiring.

On top of that the Mandarin trees have little Paper Wasps nests in them, and whilst the sting doesn’t hurt that much, it takes getting used to … sticking your hand into the tree to take off a Mandarin and instead getting stung on the end of the finger .. ouch!

There funny little things Paper Wasps .. they’ve got a boofer body kind and a smallish head, and the joining bit is really thin, and they like to chase you if you bother an angry one … which I of course found out … picture me running down a row of Mandarin trees being chases by an annoyed wasp, haha!

Anyway, today was quite tiring, but only because of the sun all day.

Mandarin Thinning
Mandarin Thinning

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