We’re in Pukenui

It’s Jan 5th and we are now in Pukenui just above Kaitaia in the Northland of NZ.

We decided to come and do some Mandarin thinning as the money is slightly better than kiwi pruning, and it’s really hot up here and in the middle of nowhere and has lots of kool places to walk and explore!

We’re planning on staying for about a month and then that should take us to the Apple picking we have found out about in Hastings, and provisionally put our names down for.

It took 7 hours to get here from Auckland this morning, where we stayed at Auckland Central Backpackers, which was mahoosive (500 beds!) … and the journey was quite knackering even though we were sat down all the way, haha!

Theres 1 little shop down the road from us and thats it for about 15-20 miles, which is great … although it means the prices are a little higher in the shop than most places, but we expected that, kind of a trade off for being in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, off to bed as I’m knackered from the journey up here!


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