Christmas has been and gone, and it’s still hot!

It’s 30th Dec and we’re back at the Ducks Nuts after being away for a little while house sitting over Christmas, aaah, it was a nice relaxing time … watched a bit of sky tv, ate some normal food instead of the usual Christmas crap, went to the beach on Christmas day, it was great!!

We we’re invited to go back to the hostel on Christmas day, but we didn’t go as we wanted to be alone together over Christmas for a change, and it was really nice, so different than we normally experience, it has really made us think about what we actually celebrate over Christmas!

We’ve not worked for over a week now, not because of the holiday period but because it’s been raining nearly every day, haha! … seems like a British summer!

We’ve thought about going to Auckland to check out the office job scene, but we’re not sure, as it’s not what we came to NZ for, although it would be really good money and would enable us to get the rest of the money for our returns tickets alot quicker, both of us think it wouldn’t be worth it as we would be working in a city again, and thats not what we came half way round the world for!

We’ve got the potential to go Mandarine thinning at the top of the North Island near 90 mile beach, but we’re not sure about that yet, as it would only be for about 5 weeks, and we’ve got way more than that amount of work here in Tauranga.  And seeing as though we are really really loving being here in Tauranga, all the places we’ve been going, all the people we’ve been meeting, it seems silly to leave!

Anyway, here’s to the memories of the year gone by .. what a year it’s been, we’ve left normal office jobs, gone Strawberry picking in Denmark, contemplated going Apple picking in France then ended up here in NZ at the last minute, and have enjoyed an amazing 5 months so far … here’s hoping the next 7 month here are just as amazing!

One of many Barbeques at the Ducks Nuts!
One of many shared dinners at the Ducks Nuts!
Newzealand Fantail bird in the kiwi fruit tree!
Newzealand Fantail bird in the kiwi fruit tree!
View from top of Mount Maunganui
View from top of Mount Maunganui

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