It’s nearly Christmas, but it’s sunny and hot!!

We’ve been working over on an island called Matakana Island for the last few days, mainly doing the same kind of summer Kiwi Fruit pruning as normal, but we also got to pick Avocado’s too, which was really kool, it was quite hard, but easy enough that we were not tired at the end of the day, which is a bonus!

It’s only 8 days until Christmas, but it really doesn’t feel like it as it’s so hot at the moment.  Obviously being summer, and it really doesn’t feel festive at all … it’s great!

As far as we have worked out most kiwis still celebrate Christmas the same way as we do back home in the cold, but that they just get to where tshirts and shorts throughout the holiday period, haha!

We’re both really liking the fact that we don’t have to celebrate Christmas this year, as we had both got a bit tired of the same old stuff, buying things and eating so much, all for no reason really.  If we were going to celebrate the nearing of the end of the year that would be different, but to celebrate some fictious religious crap hasn’t sat well with us for the last few years.  So to be finally away from most people who have no idea or atleast a decent idea of why they celebrate this time of year has been really great!

Dena has made good friends with a kiwi lady who is going away for Christmas and wants us to house sit for here whilst she is away, which we have of course said yes too … which means we’ll be all on our own over Christmas, great!!

Hot Sunny Beach in middle of December!
Hot Sunny Beach in middle of December!

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