Busy hump day delivering parcels.

Arrived at the depot for 6:30am. Handled 295 parcels through the day, left the depot at 5pm. 10.5hrs, nice.

Another manic but manageable day on this city route.

I was behind all day due to an accident on a dual carriage way, so it took me 50 mins rather than 25 to get to the first delivery.

I managed to catch up by 2pm just as I was on the last hours worth of deliveries and actually had a 15 minute break before the collections started for once.

It was needed as going full pelt for 5hrs due to the morning delay was fucking knackering.

Got home and did some back exercises.

2 sets x 7 reps with 10kg weights belt of Chin Ups.

2 sets x 8 reps at 46.5kg of Bent Over Barbell Rows.

I felt good on the chin ups again. So next week I’ll try for 8 reps and see how that goes.

I lowered the weight on the rows a little as I felt tired and it was a good idea as all the reps felt good and stable.

Short entry tonight, I fell a sleep on the sofa for a few hours after dinner, not done that for a few months so I must definitely be tired tonight.

I’ll still fall a sleep almost as my head touches the pillow in a minute, never have an issue sleeping with this job.

Until next time…



Knowing when you’ve hurt yourself.

I think I jinxed myself last Tuesday evening.

After thinking that I was ok from my headrush occurrence after last week’s squats, I woke up on Wednesday with a cracking headache.

I stumbled through the day thanks to painkillers and the same on Thursday too.

But Friday I succumbed and had to take a sick day off work.

Only Sunday afternoon did I start to feel right again. And even yesterday back at work my head/neck felt sore.

On Thursday and Friday it felt like the time I trapped a nerve in my neck after overdoing some Barbell Good Mornings a few years ago.

I was pushing for a record weight for me and had 55kg on the bar. I did 5 reps and went for a 6th and felt something pop in my neck.

Within a few hours I had a banging headache and couldn’t move my neck.

The next day I went to a chiropractor and after some pushing and poking I felt better and a few days later I was good as new.

This time I thought I’d done the same, but didn’t have the pain in the back of my neck.

Until late Thursday and Friday that is.

I was worried at first that I’d done the same thing again, but could move my neck this time.

So I dosed up on pain killers and laid in bed for most of the day.

Saturday it was better and Sunday it was pretty much gone.

Yesterday I had a sore head/neck for most of the day and tried my best to not strain too much lifting and moving boxes.

A few times I had a real pounding in the back of my neck but otherwise I was pretty much all good.

So, here we are Tuesday again and my neck felt normal all day so I thought fuck it I’ll go for some squats again.

You know like they say, if you fall of your bike, get straight back on it etc.

This time though I used a barbell pad for some cushioning and my neck was fine, I even did some good mornings to prove to myself my neck was most definitely fine.

2 sets x 90kg at 5 reps of Barbell Squats.

1 set x 11kg at 10 reps of Dumbbell Lunges.

1 set x 35kg at 10 reps of Barbell Good Mornings.

My legs felt a little tired during the 2nd sets last dew reps but otherwise I felt good and strong as did my neck.

I’ll keep the weight the same again for next week.

I think I’ll only keep pushing an exercise up in weight twice a week now.

Seems my body is starting to give me some signs that it doesn’t like the workload what with moving so many parcels during the day too.

So I’ll pick twice a week to move up in weight and the other two days I’ll maintain the weight, do this for a few weeks and the swap round.

That way I’m not pushing too hard every exercise and probably pushing my body too much.

The consistency is paying off though, I had a weigh in on Monday morning and I’m 1.5kg heavier than 5/6 weeks go and looking in the mirror I look bigger in the chest, shoulders and legs too.

I think I’ll have a proper measure this weekend, see if there is much difference from when I started properly lifting again or if its just my eyes.

Until next time…


Push yourself to get to know your real self.

Forgot to write down a diary entry yesterday. So today is 2 for 1.

Yesterday I was on a new route again, one I’ve not done for 3 months.

But it was relatively quiet so I was eased into it which was good.

Handled 175 packages over an 10.5hr day, nice.

Did some shoulder exercises last night.

2 sets x 6 reps @ 50kg Barbell Overhead Press.

1 set x 10 reps @ 8kg Rear Delt Dumbbell Raises.

1 set x 10 reps @ 8kg Side Delt Dumbbell Raises

Felt really good on the overheads. So good that I did a 7th rep on the 2nd set.

I’ll aim for 7 reps on both sets next week and if it feels good, I’ll go back up 2.5kg again.

Today was a crazy day for parcels. 320 parcels handled through the day, but still only a 10.5hr day, bosh.

The route I’m on is more compact but there is a lot of traffic so it still takes time getting places.

Got home and did some leg exercises.

2 sets x 6 reps @ 90kg Barbell Squats.

1 set x 10 reps @ 11kg Dumbbell Lunges.

1 set x 10 @ 35kg Barbell Good Mornings.

The squats were really weird today.

Firstly I felt strong in the legs and core doing them so that’s a good sign, but on the last couple of reps on both sets I got a really intense head rush, so much so I got worried after the last rep on the 2nd set when racking the weight that I might feint.

I sat down and the sides of my heads around my ears and jaw were really pounding.

After around 5 mins rest I felt OK and stood up and put the weights away from the squats and all was good.

I got on with the lunges and good mornings and was absolutely fine.

Not sure what happened, might’ve just been the excess strain on my body after a heavy day at work, or might be something else.

I feel fine now so that’ll do me. I’ll keep all the weights the same for next week and see how it feels.

I’m not overly worried as yet, I know what my body can handle as I work my way back up to some heavy weight.

I’m not at a heavy enough level to worry about pushing my body too hard, but if it keeps happening then maybe I’ll start worrying, but for now, just something to keep an eye on.

Time for 1000 calories of dinner followed by an ice cold beer me thinks.

Until next time…


Short week, still funakered though.

Arrived at the depot for 6:30am. Handled 256 parcels through the day, left the depot at 5pm. 10.5hr day.

I thought this week would be busy on this route. I’d say half the routes in the depot have been busier than normal this week, mine being one.

I think as the kids are starting to go back to school next week, more things are being ordered by parents and schools etc.

Either way today was nearly as busy as Tuesday, but I smashed through it all and finished in a good time.

This current route is a 40 minute trek from the depot, but I quit enjoy the drive and the route is relatively easy going, not major amounts of traffic etc.

But volume wise its been a manic week, I’ve shifted more parcels in the last 3 days then I do over 5 days on some routes.

Hoping tomorrow eases off a bit volume wise, could do with an easy Friday.

Got home and did some back exercises.

2 sets of 7 reps with 10kg weights belt of Chin Ups.

2 sets of 8 reps at 55kg of Barbell Rows.

I did the chin ups first today, to see if I felt any stronger on them. Can’t say I noticed much difference but I did all 7 reps of both sets.

Think I’ll keep everything the same for 1 more week and then look at increasing something.

Until next time…


Butt DOMS Wednesday.

Arrived at the depot for 6:30am. Handled 260 parcels through the day. Left the depot at 5pm. 10.5hr day. Nice.

Busy again today, not as bad as yesterday, but enough to make the day a challenge.

Wasn’t as warm either, but I still didn’t feel hungry through the day.

I did eat my lunch on the way back the depot at 4pm though, however, this meant I wasn’t hungry when I got home and just had a couple of meat snacks for dinner after exercising.

Today I did some chest exercises.

2 sets at 10 reps of 22.5kg Weight Vest Push Ups.

1 set at 10 reps at 12.5kg of Dumbbell Flyes.

I felt good on the push ups this week, so I’ll up the weight to 25kg next week, but drop the reps to 8.

The flyes were a killer, really felt the centre of my chest during the last few reps. I’ll keep them the same for next week.

I call tell the barbell squats are getting to a good weight, they are making my butt ache the day after lol.

Got out of bed this morning and felt the DOMS. Was ok for most of the day once I was warmed up, felt them again after I’d travelled back to the depot.

Late entry tonight, just received another book about bitcoin, dived right in and got carried away.

Until next time…


Why don’t I get hungry when I’m busy and hot?

Ahhh 3 day weekend, complete relaxation planned, 2 out of 3 days achieved, I’ll take that.

Spent a day helping a family member put up a summerhouse, felt like I’d been at work all day by the time we finished.

Should’ve done some exercise yesterday, alas I spent most of the day drinking cider and relaxing in the garden with the sunshine and bee’s.

Made up for it today though, holy shit was I busy. The few days after a bank holiday are usually busy.

Arrived at the depot for 6:30am. Handled 314 parcels though the day. Left the depot at 5:30pm. 11hr day.

New route compared to the last few weeks, one I’ve done before though so once I’d seen a few addresses I knew where I was at.

Fucking hot all day. I was sweating buckets by the time I’d loaded my van, 22c at 8am, fuck sake.

I drank water, black currant squash, coffee and some apple juice.

Other than my raw milk protein shake at 8am, I didn’t eat anything until I got home, I just wasn’t hungry.

It seems that when it’s hot and I’m busy I don’t feel hungry. I feel thirsty and can drink plenty, but I just don’t get hungry.

I opened my lunch box around 3pm but when I smelt the food, I just closed it up again as I felt almost sick at the smell.

I think I drank about 3.5 litres through the day, only pissed once so I was definitely sweating, 33c at peak, yeah no wonder.

Got home and still didn’t feel hungry and wasn’t going to do any exercise due to being so busy and not eating, I thought it might overly tax my body.

But by the time I got showered, I felt fine so went and did some squats.

2 sets of 6 reps at 80kg of Barbell Squats.

I’ve reduced the reps to 6 now that I’m over bodyweight again and I’ll stay at that for the foreseeable future.

Next week I’ll do 90kg and then I’ll probably go up in 5kg jumps for a few weeks.

Felt good today, a little strained on the last couple of reps of the 2nd set, but that was probably due to not eating all day and how tired I was from being so busy and hot.

Hoping tomorrow is cooler.

Until next time…


A month whizzes by but the consistency is showing.

Arrived at the depot for 6:30am. Handled 210 parcels through the day. Left the depot at 5pm. 10.5hr day again, pukker.

Another quieter day, sweet. But took back more parcels to the depot than ever before.

Both M.O.D sites refused a bundle of boxes and I had not 1 or 2, but 3 fucking cottages I couldn’t find.

Upon getting back to the depot and having a look for them on the map, I found all 3 and all of them were cottages behind cottages, down lanes.


It’s so frustrating as a delivery driver in villages.

Why do people who live in cottages/houses that are down narrow lanes seemingly never put a sign up at the top of the lane to say they are down there.

I don’t have time to stop, get out of my van and walk down every lane to see if your house is there, I’ve got plenty of other deliveries to be doing DAG NAMMIT!!

And breeeath.

Got home and did some shoulder exercises.

2 sets of 6 reps of Barbell Overhead Presses at 50kg.

1 set of 10 reps of Dumbbell Rear Raise at 8kg

1 set of 10 reps of Dumbell Side Raises at 8kg.

Felt better in the overheads today. I thought about my grip width and tried ever so slightly wider today and got both sets bang on.

I’ll keep the weight the same for next week, see if it was a fluke or not.

Only added 0.5kg to the dumbbells but man did they feel heavy on the last few reps of each lift lol.

Definitely keeping them the same for next week.

Overall its been a good week of lifting, definitely feeling tighter, more stable and stronger in everything, so the last month has paid off.

I’ve not felt as tired each evening as I thought I would, but then I’m not doing heavy weights across the board as yet.

Heres hoping I can push on over the next month and start getting close to some heavy weights again.

Until next time…