Two weeks fly by and I might finally be listening to my body.

Been a decent few weeks work wise. Not been overly busy and not too quiet that it’s been boring. Not that even if it was quiet it would be boring, delivering parcels always seems to bring up something new.

Exercise wise I’ve done my basic workout every weekday evening except Fridays and last weekend I did one heavy workout of lunges and overhead presses.

I was going to put together a workout plan for the week and weekends, but looking back over last year and how I’m now feeling about lifting, I’ve decided to not put anything together.

On so many occasions last year I had a plan of what I wanted to do but it was ruined by a hard day at work and/or being physically tired at the weekend. I then got demotivated because I wasn’t sticking to what I had planned and then didn’t do anything at all exercise wise outside of my work day.

So looking back over this year so far, it’s actually been my most active outside of work. And it can’t be a coincidence.

I’m doing basic exercises during the week, after a physically and mentally draining day at work and then I’m seeing how I feel at the weekends and going from there.

So far I’ve not done a really heavy weights workout as such, but they have been heavy enough to be challenging and most importantly they have been what I have needed/could do on that day.

Rather than just having a plan set out and doing it regardless of how my body has been feeling. I’ve listened to my body and done something that I think will balance things out.

And so far I’m feeling a lot better for it.

It’s taken me a long while to realise this, but I’ve got to balance what I do outside of work exercise wise, with how I’m feeling after a days work.

Some days I’ve come home and felt great, full of energy and no aches, but I know if I go do heavy weights of any kind that taxes my body, I’ll pay for it the next few days with various aches and pains from carrying so many boxes throughout the day.

And some days I’ve come home with an ache in my back or knees from carrying shit all day, but I’ve gone and done just my basic workout and I’ve felt ok the next day and so it seems I’ve found the balance I need right now.

Maybe I’ve been too stubborn in not wanting to realise that I can’t push my body outside of work like I used to, or at least do it less and recover more.

Lets see how the next month goes.

Until next time…


Only Chin Ups, Push Ups and Squats again.

Arrived at the depot for 6:45am, handled 276 parcels throughout the day and left the depot at 5:15pm. 10.5hr day.

Pretty busy on the parcel front again, but more so with collections, loads of them today. And a fair whack of bulky heavy shit too, another day where I finished feeling whacked again.

I fell well behind from around lunch time today too, so had to really go for it all afternoon just to finish by a decent time.

The delay was due to getting stuck behind a funeral procession.

No point getting annoyed by it, someone’s passed away after all. But a couple of idiot drivers were trying to get passed on the pavement and/or places they shouldn’t have tried.

The people following the procession were having none of it and didn’t move out of the way, as they shouldn’t have had to. And I felt like getting out of the van and knocking on the window of one of the drivers and calling them the cunt they were being, but I thought better of it in front of someone’s loved one being dead an all.

Got home and just did another basic workout again.

10 chin ups

20 push ups.

10 squats with a 20kg weight in my arms.

Hoping to do a weights workout tomorrow, we’ll see how the day goes.

Until next time…

Mon 27.01.20

Arrived at the depot for 6:30am, handled 345 parcels throughout the day and left the depot at 5:15pm. 10.75hr day.

Shit a brick there was a lot of parcels today. Everywhere had them. Both M.O.D sites, all the regular customers had more than normal and all the businesses too. Busiest day of the year so far easily.

Got home and felt whacked so just did my basic workout.

10 chin ups.

20 push ups.

10 squats holding a 20kg weight in my arms.

Didn’t end up doing a weights workout at the weekend either. I sorted out a couple of things with our car and did some financial stuff and just didn’t feel like doing one.

Until next time…

Fri 24.01.20

Arrived at the depot for 6:30am, handled 240 parcels throughout the day and left the depot at 4:45pm. 10.25hrs again, bosh.

A quiet end to the week the last few days, which is good, able to enjoy the job rather than rushing around every day. Just need the weather to buck up, or at least provide some sunshine to brighten the day.

Seems I’ve gotten a handle on this route of late. I’ve been able to work out where the delays might be and compensate for them, or avoid them altogether.

I’ve been informed of the finish time for this route and it will be interesting once it gets busy again if this is something that can be kept to, because I don’t think it can, we’ll see though.

No migraine today which is good, means it was just a one dayer. No squats though as it’s another rest day, I think i’ll probably make it a 3 day rest week and do something on Sunday, we’ll see what crops up tomorrow.

Until next time…

Thurs 23.01.20

Arrived at the depot for 6:30am, handled 205 parcels throughout the day and left the depot at 4:45pm. 10.25hrs nice.

Pretty quiet day compared to the rest of the week, volume was way down as were the collections too.

Had a banging migraine all day though. Woke up with it, or should I say got woken up at around 4am, dreaming I had a headache and alas I did.

Not sure what caused it this time, could have been the few drinks from the night before, but didn’t drink any more than I normally do, just a few bottles of beer during a week day as always.

Got home this evening and it had nearly gone, so hopefully it’s just a short one and it’s done.

A little gutted to not be able to continue my daily squats as I was on a good role. But a forced rest is fine, I’ll take a few days off anything exercise wise as planned and do something over the weekend.

Until next time…

Hump day 22.01.20

Arrived at the depot for 6.30am, handled 358 parcels, left the depot at 5pm. 10.5hr day.

A large amount of parcels today, not many really heavy ones for a change though.

Got home and downed a shot of gun powder proof 54.5% rum and did a quick workout.

1 set of 6 reps of barbell squats at 67.5kg.

1 set of 10 reps of chin ups.

1 set of 20 reps of push ups.

I felt quite lethargic when I got home and needed some motivation so I downed a quick shot of rum and made up my food for the next day.

The doms in my hammies felt less than yesterday, but I stayed with 6 reps anyway.

Until next time…

Tues 21.01.20

Arrived at the depot for 6.30am, handled 251 parcels throughout the day and left the depot at 5:15pm. 10.75hr day.

First day the route was officially mine and I went over the daily hours. Not surprised, I know I regularly go over them, management choose to ignore it.

Now I’m claiming double overtime though because it’s officially my route, they want to look at it haha.

Got home and did some weights again.

1 set of 6 reps of barbell squats at 67.5kg.

1 set of 6 reps of barbell overhead presses at 47.5kg.

1 set of chin ups.

My hamstrings still felt tight when I started squatting so I left the reps a little lower, but did 1 more rep than yesterday.

Won’t do anything weight wise other than squats tomorrow, don’t want to push too hard on my first week of weights as it seems my body isn’t liking it atm.

Until next time…